So…You Eat Your Own Cum?

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Glass of Cum

Pouring a drink of cum

Do you like the blog so far? Do you selfsuck or eat your own cum? If you do….and you know who you are! Drop us an email with your story at We would love to hear about it as would all of our readers.  Pictures and videos are also welcome, so what are you waiting for don’t be shy get that cock out and show us what you can do with that goo. This is a direct invitation to make a donation. Think of us as just another bank you can make a deposit in.

Ladies tell us your stories. Does your partner like to eat his own cum, or does he flatly refuse to kiss you when you have cum in your mouth? Do you eat your own cum? Ever licked the pussy right off your finegers after a good finger fucking? Tell us about it we all want to know!


It’s Been Awhile

26 November, 2011 (03:38) | Posts | By: Loaded

Sorry I have neglected the blog as of late, well for quite awhile now. It seems nothing has gone quite right lately and it is just one of those things that has sat on the back burner. Things have mellowed a bit and life is getting back to normal, somewhat. That is to say I have found a girl who will put up with me and my strange ways. She actually likes it that I eat my own cum and regularly ask me during sex to pull out and shoot it in my mouth for her. Match made in heaven I do believe. She even told one of her girlfriends about our sex life and how she gets me to do the deed for her, and she was quite surprised to learn that any guy would even do such a thing. So she filmed me last week with legs over my head shooting a big thick load into my mouth and showed it to her girl friend, who was shocked yet I think turned on by the way the gf talked about it… So she has set up a dinner date with her girlfriends as a girls night out and she plans on swinging by afterwards with her girlfriend or girlfriends. We will see what happens, I got a really strange feeling about this one…………


Cock Lunch

8 April, 2011 (21:30) | Posts | By: Loaded

Was at my desk; at work the other day and noticed after I had called in my secretary for a  briefing on a matter, that she was diffentely not wearing panties. I got the  impression she knew I knew and went out of her way to give me a better look  whenever it suited her. Jennifer, that’s her name, she knows that I am married  and is at least 20 years younger than I am but she always seems to be teasing  in all not to subtle of ways. Well I stumbled through part of the briefing and  tried not to be totally obvious that I was looking between her legs, but it was  tuff I am telling you. She is without a doubt a looker. After we had finished she picked up her notes  and on the way out asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her and the girls.  Well at that moment I would not have been able to stand-up without giving myself  totally away, as my cock at sprung up like a large weed in the backyard and was  dying to get out and have some of that. No, I said. I have a few items left  here to do before I eat. So she left, closing the door behind her. I stood up  went to go lock the door and returned to my chair, unbuckling my pants on the  way. The strain was just too much, so I released my cock and started pulling on  him. I was only going to be a moment or two before I came, so I bent down and  sucked the head of my cock in my mouth. After a moment I realised I was not alone and Jennifer had managed to  slip into my office. She stood there with a huge open mouthed stare on her face  as I know that she had seen me slip my cock in my mouth. She said she was sorry  but the door was open and she had something to ask me before she left. We were  both at that point at a total loss of the next words. I was red faced and embarrassed,  and said I couldn’t help but notice earlier that you had no panties on, and it  really got me worked up, so I thought I would release the strain. She said she  hoped I would have noticed and that she had never seen someone suck their own  cock before, and would I continue for her. She pulled a chair closer around the  side of the desk and pulled her skirt up as she sat down. She started paying  with herself and then started inserting fingers into her now very wet cunt. My  cock was again hard as rock and bent down to again suck on the head. We were both working up to a finish, when  she asked if I was going to cum in my mouth. At that moment I unleashed a huge  load of cum in my mouth trying hard to keep it off the suit pants. She leaned  over and scooped some up my shaft as it was sliding down and took her fingers  in her own mouth, tasting my jizz. Again another stream of cum came and went  and my mouth was nearly full. I sucked the last bit out of my cock and straightened  back up in my chair. As I did so she stood up and cane closer and said let me  see you’re cum in your mouth. I opened up to show her and she drove straight in  with her tongue to rescue the dying animals and we exchanged my cum back and forth  until we had both eaten it all. We tidied ourselves up and with a brief embarrassing  look at each other, said she was going to lunch and left. We haven’t talked  about the incident that took place but I am sure there will be a time and place  for that, and I know I locked the door!..


Wife Helps Out

7 April, 2011 (21:42) | Posts | By: Loaded

From Jan & Dean;
The wife is always asking when will you make me another movie. I asked what kind of movie do you want. Her response was, I want you to eat your cum for me. Well I imediately got a big erection over that one. We have cum swapped a few times over the years mainly at her request which I don’t mind but she wants me to do a solo act now. Anyway a few weeks had gone by and we where on the balcony having a few glasses of wine and getting tipsy and a little playful. She had gone into the house for another bottle of wine and then came and sat back down. Next thing I know she has moved her chair out a bit and lifts up her skirt and starts to masturbate slowly as we are still talking about something or other………. Next she pulls out a good size yellow squash, more than good size….. it was pretty damn big now that I think about it. Then she starts working this monster thing inside herself taking her time and making sure i was watching as inch after inch of…. I would say 10″ was now buried in her cunt. Then ever so slowly starts pulling it back out. Well what was I suppose to do……I pull out my cock as it is about to bust a button or pop a hole in my shorts anyway and we have a slow wank session together. Then out of the blue she asks if I will eat my cum for her. I said I would after another glass of wine or 2 maybe…… So we took the party indoors to the family room and continued our playfull conversation and masturbation session. Well now she is completely naked and spread legged on the sofa with her monster toy and I am feeling like I am ready to bust one loose soon. So I get up and then lay back down on the floor with my head at the foot of the couch and toss my legs back over my head where my knees are on the edge of the couch. My wife leans down over where see can see and grabs my cock and starts to jerk him off towards my face. A couple of more strokes and I open my mouth just in time for her to shoot my cum all over my face. I am sure her aim had nothing to do with the fact that we had had 3 bottles of wine….hahaha. So she falls off the couch and proceeds to scoop the cum on my face with her mouth and tongue and deposits them in my mouth. I leave my mouth open so she can watch as she fills up my mouth with my spunk. Then see says , ok swallow it all like a good boy and I let it all slide on down my throat and swallow it all. After I have finished she hands me a glass of wine to wash it down. She then straddles my face and I finish her off, and eat another load of cum….hers.


I Dare You

5 April, 2011 (21:22) | Posts | By: Loaded

We, meaning the guys, where all sitting around the table at Dan’s house playing poker like we do every Friday night. The wives all come along also and mess around in the kitchen and gab and drink wine, while we down a few beers. We as a group of eight have been doing this for the last 15 years or so as we all are good friends and have known each other since high school. The girls will sit in and play poker also sometimes, but tonight as it got later into the evening the girls were even more brazen than usual, or should i say more drunk than normal. Karen and Sid wanted to play cards so Fran and myself give up our seats, as it was time for a leak anyway. Come back and find that Karen, since it was her deal has changed the game and she now has everyone playing Truth or Dare. So I sit down to listen to Greg’s answer as he had choosen truth. Sid, Franks wife had asked him, what is the strangest sexual experience you have ever had. Greg turns red and leans over to ask his wife Jane something and I am quessing it was permission to tell a particular story. So he starts to tell us of the last blowjob he recieved and how Jane after taking his cum into her mouth, then trys to feed it back to him. Everyone is laughing as he tells the story and how his wife was trying force it into his mouth and how he eventually swallowed it. His wife the whole time has this really smug look on her face about the whole ordeal like she knows who is really incharge at their house. After everyone is finsihed peeing there pants the game moves around the table with similar types of questions as no one is in the dare mood yet. Franks asks Jane, Dans wife Truth or Dare and she says Dare. Franks looks over at Dan and he shrugs his shoulders, like she to say it’s all fair game, and he asks her to show her tits. Jane has a nice set of lungs and had no misgivings about getting them out to show everyone, and she even fondles them for a bit. She puts her breast aways and and now it is her turn to ask, and she turns to me and says Truth or Dare. Hmmmmmm I thought, Truth I said. The wife, Mary looks over at me and says, oh come on John your not being any fun. Dare I said, let me have it, give me your best shot. Jane says, your wife says you have a special talent, please share it with us. Mary has hidden herself behinde Frank but comes over to me gives me a big kiss and starts to unbuckle my jeans and pulls them to the floor. Mary gets on her knees and starts sucking my cock untill it is very erect. All red faced I sit down in the chair beside me and bend over and start sucking my own cock. The women all seem to want to see this, so they start easing over to get a better view. To make it easier for everyone, I stand back up and continue to bob up and down on my own cock. Within another second or two it starts to shoot and I let the cum ozze out of my mouth and let it slide down my cock for everyone to see. When I let my cock pop out of my mouth Mary bends down to clean up the mess and then gives me a big kiss, cum and all. Well that I think was pretty much the end of the party seeing that everyone by this time was well worked up and horny and decided to part ways for some moments with there partners. We eash said our goodbyes and we shall see you next week, same time same palce.


First Date

3 April, 2011 (21:25) | Posts | By: Loaded

Her name was Kathy and some friends of mine set me up with her as a blind date. I know, a blind date, shit what was I suppose to say, they said they went out of their way to talk Kathy into it and that she was charming and bright and attractive. Of course I have heard this before and I think we have all had an odd experience with a blind date. They seem to be the most akward of events for two people that don’t know each other, dont know what to say, and it takes all evening to figure out you have nothing in common at all. Well I agreed, as it had been awhile since I had had a date and no real propects in site for the forseeable future. So we hooked up on a Friday night at a local pub and had a drink or two and chatted away about small stuff and things started getting a little lighter after our second or third drink and we both seemed happy and content where we where so we ate dinner there at the bar and continued our conversation. My midnight and half a dozen rounds of drinks we where both feeling good I think and the conversation really started to open up a bit. She started taking about her past dating experences and how most where total bombs and that most guys just want to jump on somehting after a few drinks. She asked if I was of that variety. I said surely I have had those moments but that they werent all like that. I told her I felt calm and confident and able to talk freeley with her and was perfectly happy sitting there chatting and having drinks with her and that sex was not on my mind at the moment. She laughed and asked, So you dont want to have sex with me, is that what you are saying. I Thought I was going to blow my drink out of my nose. How to answer this one I thought as quickly as my brain would stumble. Hmmmmmm….. Sex is nearly always a good thing I said if the time is right the person is right and it,s fun. Stupid I thought to myself as It fell out of my mouth, but I was being as truthful as possible. We talked a alot about what we liked about sex and what turned us on, and as I ordered another round, she asked me if I had ever tried my own cum. I said I had, but she wanted to know more details and I explained that when I had tried it that I had shot it directly into my mouth and that the taste I thought was no big deal. Well she got a real rise out of this topic and asked more questions about it and why and when and the conversation got more strange, because I had never told anyone this before much less a blind date, but she asked and I told her. I was afraid people beside us might be listening in, as it had gotten steamy and more interesting and she asked if I wanted to move to one of the booths that had opened up in the back. It was not as loud and crowded as the bar area so we moved our drinks to the back to continue our conversation. We sat down beside each other and she rested her hand on my crouch as we sipped our drinks and my cock grew and she now began to squeeze it slightly, making him even harder. She just smiled and seemed to get a big kick out of it and I just let her play. As I began to oder another round she excused herself for a moment. Seeing the table cloth was already covering my self I reached under, unzipped my pants , struggled and finally got my hard cock out of my pants. When she returned she reached under the table cloth to continue the fondeling and was slightly surprised to fined I had released my cock. She smiled and seemed to like the idea of playing with my cock in public. I had ordered us a small cake like brownie with fudge on it and two coffee while she was in the restroom and it arrived shortly after her return. We fixed our coffee then I leaned over and asked her to stroke my cock, and if she could get him to unload that I would eat it for her right there. She grabbed my cock in just the right way and started slowly jerking him where noone might notice. When it was nearky time I slipped the small plate with the brownie under the table and we layered the thing with my cum. It seemed it would never stop shooting as it was a huge load you get when your really excited. Kathy released my cock and looking at her fingers with cum all over them, looked me in the eyes and took each one in her mouth and cleaned them off, displaying the cum on the end of her tongue each time before she swallowed. I lifted the cum covered fudge brownie and set it on the table, and with a spoon scopped up a large spoonfull of cum and ate it for her. We took turns after that, feeding each other cum covered fudge cake and sipping our coffee till closing time. Now that was a good blind date. Kathy and I have been seeing each other for over a year now and will post more events of the two of us.